New Orleans Water Softener Systems

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One of the water issues that many homeowners have to deal with is hard water. It’s not dangerous, and it usually doesn’t look any different than regular water with the naked eye, but it is quite different. Hard water is the reason people end up getting a water softener installed in their home.

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What Is a Water Softener?

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Hard water refers to water that has higher than normal levels of dissolved calcium, magnesium and other minerals in it. They come from the soil and rocks that are around your home and then enter the plumbing system along with the water.

A water softening system removes these minerals as the water enters your home, making it soft again before members of your household use it. Water softeners often come with a tank that holds a brine solution to remove the minerals, but saltless varieties are also available.

What Are the Effects of Hard Water?

Although hard water poses no real threat to your health, it does have several unpleasant side effects. Lime scale, also known as scale, is a white residue that builds up on pots, pans, utensils, appliances and fixtures around the house. It is challenging to wash off and when it becomes bad enough, it will barely come off at all.

Hard water also prevents shampoos and soaps from forming a good lather, causing flat hair; dishes and laundry that aren’t fully clean and dry skin. If the problem is left for a long enough time, the scale build up can even affect cookware to the point that food isn’t being heated evenly.

Signs You Need Water Softener Installation

The signs that you would benefit from a water softener installation can be found in all the effects that hard water produces. White scale on sinks, tubs, washers, dishwashers, cookware and cutlery; flat, lifeless hair; stiff, crusty laundry and dry, flaky skin are all signs you need a water softener.

When you have professionals from Rooter 9-1-1 install your water softener system, you can feel secure in the knowledge that it will eliminate everything it is supposed to eliminate and give you the soft water you need. You will likely notice a difference shortly after the system is installed, and all those hard water signs you’ve grown to despise will be gone.

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