New Orleans Water Filtration Systems

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With the state of many water supplies uncertain, a lot of homeowners turn to professional water filtration to clean their household water and make it appropriate for drinking and bathing. There are a few different methods of water filtration and several products, but the end goal is always the same.

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What Is Water Filtration?

Water filtration is a product or a system that removes impurities and contaminants from water before it makes its way out of your faucets. Water filtration can be a chemical process, a biological process or a process that uses a fine barrier to filter out impurities. Your water expert or plumber usually decides upon the exact method of filtration, so the right system is installed for your water and your household.

Common Types of Water Filters

Some of the more common types of water filters include carbon-based filters, reverse osmosis systems and water softeners. With carbon filters, active carbon is used to remove toxins and impurities from the water. This carbon is charged with a positive ion and then layered, so the contaminated water passes through the various layers, leaving clean water on the other side.

With reverse osmosis, the water passes through a thin, semipermeable membrane that partners with the level of water pressure in the home. The water pressure delivers the contaminated water through the membrane, effectively removing the impurities.

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Water softeners are effective at treating hard water and its many negative effects. Saltless systems are available, but in most cases a salt tank is used and the brine inside mixes with water to remove the impurities.

What Contaminants Does Water Filtration Eliminate?

The process of water filtration helps to eliminate many common household water contaminants. These include dissolved iron, calcium, magnesium and other minerals. It includes tannins, sulfur, sediment, acids, bacteria and viruses and even arsenic.

All of these contaminants have many different effects on water that range from yellowing to unpleasant odors to metallic tastes. Some leave stains behind while others leave grit inside the water itself. No matter what the contaminant, proper water filtration will help to remove it so you can enjoy clean and clear water for drinking and bathing. Some units are installed as point-of-use units and others provide whole-filtration

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