New Orleans Toilet Repair & Installation

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Toilet repair is an activity that is never glamorous, often disgusting and yet very important when things aren’t going right. Sometimes, a plunger just won’t get the job done, and even if it does work the results aren’t permanent. If the problem runs deeper than you’re able to get to with the resources you have, professional toilet repair may be your only real option.

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What Are Some Common Toilet Problems?

Leaks, clogs and running toilets are some of the more common issues you’ll find with toilets. Some of the more basic clogs consist of items like excess toilet paper, paper towels, baby wipes, and even diapers. Foreign objects are another cause of clogged toilets. This happens when smaller items fall into the toilet by accident or if children try to see if toys or other items can be flushed down successfully.

The infamous running toilet is a problem that usually doesn’t require elaborate repair, but it is still very annoying and wastes water, adding to your bill. A leaky toilet has the potential to cause a lot of damage, depending on how substantial the leak is, and how long it is leaking before something is done about it.

Toilet Clog Prevention Tips

In most cases, taking some preventative measures will help you avoid frustrating and costly toilet clogs. Flushing the toilet before there is too much paper in the bowl is one tip. It’s nice to want to conserve water, but clogging your toilet in the process isn’t helpful.

Placing a small trashcan next to the toilet for small items like baby wipes, diapers and paper towels may help you prevent a clog in the future. It’s also a good idea to have a talk with your children when they are old enough to understand, and let them know it’s not appropriate to put anything into the toilet and flush it.

Benefits of Professional Repair and Installation

Aside from passing a potentially messy job onto someone else, enlisting the help of a professional plumber means the job will be done correctly and the solution will last. You’ll also be able to get expert advice on your own system and how to keep in good working order so the same problem doesn’t happen again. If you require a completely new toilet, using a professional plumber is the only way to go. Not only will everything be sealed and placed correctly, you’ll have a warranty to fall back on should something not work right.

If your toilet repair or installation seems like a little too much for you to take on yourself, call (504) 383-9751 in New Orleans for professional plumbing service you can trust.