The Benefits of an Inspection By a Professional Plumbing Company


New Orleans PlumberAs a new homeowner, it’s important to have the plumbing in your home inspected by a professional plumber.

Although a general home inspection is normally part of the buying process, this is not enough to find out if you have plumbing issues that could become long term problems.

Basically, all general home inspectors do is flush the toilet; if that works, they consider that plumbing for the house to be fine.

A professional plumber will inspect your plumbing systems much more in depth and has cameras to look in pipes and other special tools. Here is a guide to what a professional plumbing inspection involves.


A professional plumber will check the supply line, shut-off valve, flapper, ballcock and flush valve for every commode in the house. He will inspect the shut-off valve, wash lines and faucet for every sink and take a close look for clogged sink drains and broken disposal mechanisms.


A professional plumbing company has the resources and tools to properly examine pipes. A plumbing camera can be used to check every inch of your plumbing and detect leaks and breaks that are not immediately visible.

Tree roots or misaligned pipes could be causing slow leaks that will become big problems down the road. Moreover, a professional plumbing company can use non-invasive techniques to test for slab leaks, which are another plumbing problem that is not necessarily immediately visible.

Water Heater

If your water heater is not working properly, then you could end up paying a lot of extra money on your utilities bills. A professional plumber will check shut-off and pressure relief valve along with gas/electrical valve connections. An older tank especially can be corroded, and this will be checked for along with problems with the flue pipe and burner.

The End Result

New Orleans Plumbing InspectionsInspecting the plumbing of a home you have just bought, or are considering buying, is not something you can do yourself. Only a professional plumbing company has the tools and experience to do a comprehensive inspection.

If there is a washer and dryer set up in the home, a professional plumber can check those out as well along with sump pumps and outdoor faucets.

While you may be spending some money in the short term, in the long term you are buying priceless peace of mind.

By getting these plumbing inspections in your New Orleans home, will save you time and money. Call Rooter 9-1-1 Plumbing & Drain Service today at (504) 383-9751, and see what plumbing inspections you need today!