What are the Top 10 Plumbing Fixture Brands Recommended by Plumbers

New Orleans PlumberPlumbing can be a very difficult game to grasp, that is why it is so beneficial that there are plumbers out there that are ready and willing to share their recommendations with the public. Here are ten of the most recommended fixture brands and a bit about each.

General Brands to Choose From:

1. General Electric- these are an excellent brand to choose from. This brand has not only been around for over 100 years, they are also behind some of the most amazing innovations in plumbing. That is why they are so trusted and used so often by plumbers.

2. Gerber- this brand has long created high quality fixtures, tubs, toilets, flush valves and so much more. They are a highly diverse company which makes them ideal for anyone that is looking to redo their existing bathroom. This makes it easy for a plumbing company to order all their parts from one company as opposed to having to shop around for different parts.

3. Grohe- this brand is a specialty brand that focuses on faucets and showers that are detailed and beautiful. This company also has special lines for the home book and for those that want something that is out of this world.

4. Kohler- this is perhaps one of the best known brands in the business and therefore is perfect for anyone looking for an easy brand choice. They are preferred because they have so much experience and they frequently innovate.

5. Moen- this is another big name brand which means they have tons of items on the board and have plenty of things to choose from. This is a fantastic brand for those that are looking for a diverse range of products and a company they can trust.
Specialty Brands To Choose From:

6. Sterling Faucet Company- this brand is as fancy as the name implies and they do create cutting edge designs with visual apects in New Orleans Plumbing-Fixturesmind. This brand is preferred for quality and beauty.

7. Toto- this is a great brand for their cutting edge technology and their new designs. This is a preferred company because they are top of the line and they have maximum water conservation.

8. Whirlpool- this is a brand that is branching out and creating more and more items for the home that make every day life easier. This is a brand that many plumbers choose for their high quality and their good reputation.

9. Whirlaway- this is a brand that is more known for their garbage disposals but plumbers like using this company because they have a great track record and produce quality products.

10. Little Giant- this brand is best known for their pumps. It is this expertise that makes them a favorite of plumbers across the country.

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