Sump Pump Service Benefits


New Orleans PlumberWhat is a Sump Pump and Why Do I Need One?

The sump pump is a mechanical device that is installed in the lower areas of the home, typically a basement, and responsible for pumping out any water that has seeped in through the walls or foundation.

Home that reside under the water level in that region are prone to flooding because the water continually is looking for the lowest possible point.

After a rain storm, water will follow the foundation walls until it penetrates and accesses the basement.

What is a Sump Pump?

The sump pump is a small mechanical pump that is triggered on when water reaches the sensor. The sump pump is usually connected to a drainage system or well, giving the excess water a safe place to go instead of inside the home.

The sump pump will continue to pump the water out of the basement until the sensor no longer detects any water. The system will go back into sleep mode, and will instantly turn back on if water levels warrant it having to remove the excess once again.

What are the Benefits of a Sump Pump?

The biggest benefit of having your local plumbing company install a new sump pump is that it will protect all of your belongings in the basement from water damage. The pump will keep water levels from reaching the furniture, storage items, or even appliances. One other benefit is that the removal of the water also helps to eliminate moisture in the air.

That moldy smelling air can lead to problems for homeowners who experience respiratory issues. Removing the dampness from the air will improve the overall air quality in the home.

Why do you need a Sump Pump in your Home?

New Orleans Sump Pump ServiceYou need your local plumbing technician to install a new sump pump to keep the inside of your home dry. When you are upstairs sleeping, away on vacation, or even at work for the day, it only takes a few hours for rising water to take over the entire basement, destroying everything in its path.

The sump pump will turn on when the water is first detected and quickly redirect it outside the house.

The water level will never have a chance to damage your possession. This all happens without you having to monitor the pump every time. It will work quickly and quietly without any monitoring needed, helping to keep your home safe and dry.

Hindsight is always 20/20, don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your home. To install or repair a sump pump in your New Orleans home, call the experts of Rooter 9-1-1 Plumbing Repair & Drain Service at (504) 383-9751.