3 Most Dangerous Household Plumbing Mistakes

New Orleans PlumberEvery home requires a good plumbing system which includes a water supply and drainage system best fitted by an expert.

However, if a plumbing professional is not involved, the following three most dangerous household plumbing mistakes will result.

These problems of clogging, back drafting and incorrectly installed system do affect both the home owners and those in rented premises.


This problem may result from plants cracking through the pipes or objects flushed down the drain.

It can be avoided by ensuring all the debris are removed before the water is released into the system. If unattended, it leads to overflow of dirty water from the toilet which can cause diseases.

Back Drafting

When a poorly trained individual installs new pipes or changes existing ones, it is likely that a mistake will be made. As a result, the pipes may allow air or dirty sewer waste during floods back into the pipes.

In case a heating facility such as a boiler was installed, there is poor combustion that leads to the presence of a lot of carbon dioxide in the house.

To prevent such a problem, ask a qualified plumber to install the pipes and drainage system properly. He or she should ensure that they are not fitted very close to vents, doors or windows as draft air will come through the pipes and into the house.

Fireplaces and the doors should also be positioned where they will not allow the cold blast of air back into the house. In addition, have your hot water boiler regularly cleaned up.

If not corrected on time, the house smells like a sewer thus making the occupants uncomfortable. The carbon dioxide from heating facilities can suffocate and eventually cause death while the sewer-like smell contains methane that can easily explode. The gases are very dangerous to health.

New Orleans Dangerous-PlumbingIncorrectly Installed System

Anyone without adequate training will ignorantly use the wrong tools or materials during plumbing and at the end, fixtures are improperly connected.

For instance, pipes of different sizes and material may be connected and this results in to leakages, clogs and breakages.

A licensed plumber should always be allowed to check up on the pipes and the entire system in order to upgrade them.

He or she will use the right tools, safe cleaning chemicals and at the same time dig deep to get the cause of the problem.

If the system remains poorly installed, you may have leakages and greatly decrease the value of your house.

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