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Quality Plumbing and Drain Service Solutions

Most people wouldn’t consider having hard water a plumbing problem, but many reputable plumbers are more than equipped to deal with water quality issues, such as hard water. Rooter 9-1-1 has the ability to diagnose and treat hard water with a high quality water softener. Our water softener systems remove dissolved minerals such as magnesium and calcium, so there is no scale build up and soap will lather properly.

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Should I Worry About Clogged Drains?

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Many people just reach for the plunger when they notice a clogged drain in their home. Most of the time, a decent plunger will release whatever is stuck if it is a relatively minor clog. However, if the problem keeps happening, the clog is probably more substantial and requires a more substantial solution. If you have to use the plunger regularly or you see water backing up in multiple drains at once, calling a professional plumber is the answer.

Do You Have Leaky Pipes?

Saying you have leaky pipes is a general term that can mean a lot of different things. It could mean the pipes under your kitchen sink have developed a slow drip, it could mean the pipes that run under your foundation floor are leaking or it could mean the sewer line running to your house has a leak. Each one of these issues presents a different set of problems, but they all need attention quickly. In many cases, you can handle the drip under sink yourself, but the more serious leaks require a professional.

The Reasons Customer Service Matters Most

The reason customer service is at the top of the pile when it comes to services, is because trust is such a critical element in the plumbing industry. It’s not secret that many plumbers try to gouge customers, which is why free estimates and total transparency is the norm for Rooter 9-1-1. We want our customers to trust us, and to think of us first whenever a plumbing issue arises.

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