Top 10 Reasons to Install a Garbage Disposal


New Orleans PlumberGarbage disposals tend to be one of the most forgotten appliances in the kitchen. Most people have and use them without ever thinking about the importance of having one.

It isn’t until someone finds themselves without one that they begin to realize all the benefits provided to the home by this small device. If a home doesn’t have one, here are the top 10 reasons to install a garbage disposal.

1. Eco-Friendly

The environment is harmed by the overfilling of landfills and food garbage is one of the most contaminated by-products that create the most issues, including flies and rodents. 

2. Easy Cleanup 

When it comes time to clean up the kitchen or refrigerator, it’s easier to send things down the garbage disposal than it is to continually fill garbage bags and cart them outside.

3. Creates an Energy Source 

Most municipalities take food garbage that is sent through the sewer system and converts it into methane gas, which is subsequently used to meet certain energy needs.

4. Creates Fertilizer 

After methane gas has been extracted, the resulting food by-products are given or sold to farmers to be used as fertilizer. Therefore, food waste is used to grow new foods. 

5. Sanitation

Spoiled food and garbage creates odor and dirty conditions. Food waste sent down a garbage disposal eliminates the need for baking soda, charcoal and sprays that are typically used to control odor. 

6. Pest Control

Roaches, flies and rodents are drawn by the odor of spoiled food. Without food waste, they won’t be coming around. They will be looking for a legitimate food source somewhere else.

New Orleans Garbage Disposal Services7. Elimination of Harmful Bacteria 

Spoiled food and some molds create bacteria that is harmful to humans.

8. Save on Plumbing Costs. 

Foods get caught in pipes. By using a garbage disposal, you can save money on drain products and plumbers who are needed to fix the biggest problems.

9. Other Cost Savings 

This includes a decreased need for garbage bags, cleaning products and water savings since garbage disposal don’t require continually running water. 

10. Resale Value of the Home 

It might not add to the value of the home, but not having one is likely to be noticed and used to get a lower selling price.

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