10 Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom

New Orleans PlumberAdding up some decorations and some flavor can go a long way in beautifying the bathroom in your home. Here are ten things you can do to get your bathroom looking great in no time.

1. The first thing you can do is as simple as changing out your shower curtains. You would be shocked at how much better a bathroom can look by simply purchasing a set of shower curtains that match the colors in your bathroom, or have some nice designs on them

2. Adding paintings, pictures or drawing with stencils on your walls is another great way to add to the eye appeal in your bathroom.

3. Develop a theme for your bathroom. This can be something like the ocean, wildlife, or anything else you can think of that goes with your personality. This is sure to make you feel good when you’re in the bathroom and will add a ton of personal flavor to your home.

4. Install a new tub. Lately, more and more people are taking out their normal bath tubs and are installing old school tubs that sit on four legs, which you would typically see in old style homes and older movies.

5. Change the lighting in your bathroom. You can always add in new lights above your mirror and on the ceiling to give your bathroom a new feel to it. You can also switch to compact fluorescent lighting, which will drastically cut down on your monthly electric bill.

6. Adding some plants and greenery to your bathroom will automatically make you feel better when you walk into your bathroom. There is something about having plants around that just feels good and you will definitely notice it if you add some plants to your bathroom.

New Orleans Bathroom Remodeling7. You can definitely change out your cabinets to customize your bathroom. This may seem like an obvious choice for someone looking to renovate or simply update their bathroom, but this is one of the easiest ways to give a new feel to your bathroom.

8. Adding a backsplash to the back of your sink is a pretty easy way to make your bathroom shine. Backsplashes are incredibly attractive and come in segments that are about a foot by a foot, making them very easy to install. There is no doubt you will get compliments on adding a backsplash to your bathroom.

9. Add an extra mirror to your bathroom. If you only have a single mirror in your bathroom, adding a mirror with a small cabinet not only looks great, but will allow you to see the back of your head when you are getting ready or doing your hair.

10. If you have a normal shower head that is connected, you may consider purchasing a shower head that is on a cord and has a bunch of different settings. Many people prefer these shower heads and they are relatively cheap and very easy to install.

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