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Sometimes, a drain becomes clogged to the point that regular drain cleaning methods just won’t make a dent. These are super drain clogs caused by things like massive amounts of grease and hair, or tree roots that have grown into your main water line or sewer line. It’s a sinking feeling when you see professional plumbers scratching their heads in confusion, unsure of how to tackle the problem. Luckily, there is a service called hydrojetting that will blast through just about anything.

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What Is Hyrojetting?

Hydrojetting is a process that uses water, sent into a drain under tremendously high pressure. This scrapes the pipe walls clean and frees stuck dirt, debris, grease, hair, sand and tree roots and flushes them away. Hydrojetting is a very effective method of drain cleaning for both residential and commercial purposes. Most systems use roughly 4,000 psi of water pressure, which won’t end up leaving much behind.

Amazing Drain Cleaning Benefits

Many businesses that deal with food such as restaurants, food processing plants and hotels utilize drain cleaning services that use hydrojetting. For these kinds of businesses, having a drain back up at an inopportune time can cost the company a lot of money and embarrassment. A lot of businesses use it as a preventative tool just to make sure there are no issues.

In a residential setting, build up can occur over years or even decades. Drains may seem a little slower for years until the blockage is too great and nothing is getting through. High pressure drain cleaning will blast years and years worth of debris out of your pipes, so your drains can start over again from scratch. If the build up is at a certain level, even the most sophisticated snaking tools will be of no use. They may help with the clog right at the surface, but the residual build up will remain.

Do I Need Hydrojetting?

It’s quite difficult for a homeowner to tell if he needs hydrojetting to clear out his drains. The responsibility falls to the plumbing service that’s called to the scene. The first thing that should happen is a thorough video inspection to see just how deep the problem goes. If your plumber determines that hydrojetting is the way to go, then you’ll be well on your way to having your clogged drains become a thing of the past.

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