New Orleans Gas Line Repair & Installation

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Many homeowners wouldn’t think to call a plumber if there was an issue with their gas line, but in many cases a plumber is the ideal choice for repair or installation. At Rooter 9-1-1, we include gas line repair and installation among our list of services, and take pride in providing it to the people of New Orleans.

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The Purpose of Your Gas Line

For those who are unsure, your gas line is used to deliver the natural gas or propane throughout your home. Many appliances, including furnaces, stoves and water heaters run on natural gas in homes that are set up that way. As you can imagine, problems with the gas line will not only cost you money, but they could result in a fire or even explosion.

Signs of a Gas Line Leak

If you have a gas leak in your home, there will be some obvious signs that things aren’t right. One of the most noticeable signs is a strong smell of rotten eggs in the house. If you notice this smell, it’s wise to call for a repair as soon as possible. Another sign of a gas line leak is a hissing sound as the gas escapes from the line. Dead or dying vegetation in your backyard is also a sign that there may be a gas liner leak under the surface.

Factors such as damaged gas appliances, exposed pipes after a bout of extreme weather or normal aging can all contribute to a gas line leak. This kind of issue isn’t something homeowners should become paranoid about, but you also shouldn’t ignore the signs when they present themselves.

Always Safety First

Since natural gas has the potential to cause such serious damage, it’s always best to lean toward safety when you notice signs of a leak. If you smell gas inside the house, leave the premises as soon as you can and call 911 to report the leak. Once everyone is safe, you can call your plumber to come out and repair the leak.

It’s also important to call an expert when you are buying new gas appliances and need them installed, or if you want to move a gas appliance from one location to another inside your house. Safety is always the first consideration.

If you have seen evidence of a water leak or suspect you have a leak in New Orleans, LA, call us at (504) 383-9751 today before the issue becomes serious. We will provide a free estimate after assessing the problem.

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