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Since so many different food items end up going into your garbage disposal, it can be an unpleasant mess if the disposal backs up or isn’t working correctly. Your garbage disposal is supposed to pulverize food so it is small enough to move through the plumbing system with ease. When something isn’t working correctly, it can throw the system into disarray and cause some big problems.

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Common Garbage Disposal Issues

Most garbage disposals have many moving parts, and many opportunities for things to go wrong. Many homeowners end up tossing items in there that aren’t designed for the garbage disposal, damaging the blades or clogging the drain.

Since a garbage disposal runs on electricity, any issues with the circuit breaker or wiring may cause it not to turn on. Sometimes, the power is working fine but the flywheel isn’t moving, resulting in a humming noise. There are a few different places that a garbage disposal can leak, but if it does it must be remedied quickly.

Benefits of Professional Garbage Disposal Repair

With so many different parts, it only makes sense to call in professional help when your garbage disposal isn’t working correctly. Sometimes, the problem runs deeper, into other areas of your plumbing system, so it’s wise to bring someone in that has diagnostic experience and can figure out the extent of the issue. Sometimes the fix is simple and quick and sometimes it is more involved, but calling in a professional will let you know for sure.

Do You Need an Installation?

If your garbage disposal is old or damaged beyond repair, or if you are doing renovations and want to add one, you’ll require garbage disposal replacement or installation. Naturally, installing a complete system is more involved than simply making an adjustment to an existing one, but if you hire an experienced installation expert everything will work out fine.

No one wants a malfunctioning or broken garbage disposal to cause havoc in their kitchen or in their home. Businesses like restaurants or hotels certainly can’t afford to be without a working garbage disposal for too long without suffering financial repercussions. The key is to act quickly and call an experienced, professional plumber.

To prevent serious garbage disposal problems, or have a new one installed in the New Orleans, LA area, call us at (504) 383-9751 today. We will send out a fully licensed plumber to look at the situation and provide a free estimate.

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