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A leaky faucet doesn’t seem like much, but it does have the potential to annoy and frustrate all the members of a household. When a faucet is constantly dripping and there is nothing you can do to make it stop, you’re losing money and your sanity right along with it. Faucet problems don’t have to take over your life, though. One call to Rooter 9-1-1 is all it takes.

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Signs You Need Faucet Replacement

As your faucets and fixtures continue to age, you may notice leaking out of the spout, leaking onto the back of the sink, water running down the sides of the vanity or reduced water pressure. In each one of these cases, the potential for faucet replacement is there. When you faucets start leaking into places that encourage the development of mold, replacing them is likely the only way to go.

Signs Your Sink Has Had Enough

If you have a broken drain basket in your sink or it is showing signs of aging that are causing leaks, you will need a new sink. However, most new sink installations are based on aesthetic reasons. The old sink still works fine, but due to remodeling or a change in taste, a new sink is on the agenda. Whether your sink replacement is for function or for looks, contact a professional plumber with experience so it is installed correctly.

Faucet Leak Prevention Tips

Perhaps the best way to deal with a leaky faucet is to take steps that will prevent a leak in the first place. This is accomplished by taking care of your faucets and specifically the parts that are responsible for causing leaks. This includes parts like the O-ring, washers and valve seat. Once these parts start to wear down or they are installed incorrectly, you’ll see leaking and everything that comes along with it.

Periodic maintenance to the faucets, fixtures and sinks in your home can avoid damage to other parts of the plumbing system, countertops, cabinets and anything else that comes into contact with the water. Just keep in mind that if your preventative strategies are unsuccessful, calling a professional plumber should be your next step.

Faucets, sinks and fixtures add a lot of character to any home. Call (504) 383-9751 today if you’re in New Orleans, LA or the surrounding area and we will book an appointment for repair or replacement and transform your home.


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