DIY Gone Wrong


New Orleans PlumberDIY shows and the internet have many instructions and videos on DIY plumbing repair. In this economy, it seems like a good idea for those that are handy with tools, but sometimes DIY plumbing fixes can go very wrong because experience does count.

Although you may save money now, you could lose thousands of dollars with a botched repair.

Copper Pipe Danger

The instructions seem simple enough to repair a copper pipe and it is, but it can also be dangerous. When fitting copper pipes together, it is difficult to create a good seal, and although it looks good, it could result in a small leak which could cause mold and mildew.

Keep in mind also that an open flame torch must be used to complete this repair and could start a devastating fire in your home without proper equipment. Professional plumbers have the tools needed, as well as training to prevent these life changing accidents.

Too Much Drain Cleaner

Although advertisements tout the benefits of using drain cleaner to unclog drains, many find this to result in corrosion of pipes and joints. Under certain circumstances, such as pouring drain cleaner in your toilet, a buildup of gasses could also cause a small explosion, ruining your home. In most cases, an experienced professional can clear your drain with minimal expense in just a few moments saving you hundreds of dollars.

Hot Water Tank Disaster

Just look on YouTube and see how easy it is to install your water heater. The only thing not mentioned is that much can go wrong. Keep in mind that New Orleans DIY Gone Wrongalthough Murphy’s Law can be a factor, not knowing what tools to use, and how to change the pipes for a correct fit for the new fixture can cause devastating effects. All heaters are not the same and pipes may not line up without extreme changes.

It is very easy to get in over your head and be days without hot water waiting for your plumber to finish the job. It is also very easy to knock a gas or water pipe loose trying to change the pipes or use a wrong pipe or fitting causing either a water or gas leak in your home

Many DIY plumbing repairs can go terribly wrong very fast, costing thousands of dollars. Call your local plumbing company now and use their knowledge and experience to prevent disaster to your home.

We’ve seen too many DIY disasters. Save yourself the headache and call the professionals of Rooter 9-1-1 Plumbing & Drain Service at (504) 383-9751 for service in the New Orleans area!