New Orleans Burst Pipe Repair Services

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A burst pipe is a plumbing issue that has the potential to cause a massive amount of damage to your home of business. Sometimes, it’s completely obvious what has happened and you can take the appropriate action quickly, but other times the damage is occurring behind the scenes. When a pipe bursts and is leaking behind a wall or under a floor, there may be thousands of dollars worth of damage by the time you recognize it.

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What Causes Burst Pipes?

The most common reason for burst pipes is due to pipes that are old and worn down after being exposed to high water pressure for a long period of time. Rusting of galvanized pipes is another reason, as is tree roots pushing on older pipes, causing them to burst.

Sub-zero temperatures cause pipes to burst during the winter months, in colder regions. When the temperatures drop, the water inside the pipes expands, putting pressure on the pipe itself. This is typically not an issue in places like New Orleans, but it is one of the more common burst pipe repairs overall.

Is It an Emergency?

Generally speaking, a burst water pipe is a plumbing emergency and you should call for assistance right away. In just a few minutes, your floors, insulation, drywall and carpets can be completely saturated. Mold growth is also an issue when a pipe has burst. When you first see evidence of a burst pipe, shut off the water supply and make the call.

Burst Pipe Prevention Tips

If you live in an area where temperature can get to the freezing point, you may want to insulate your pipes with inexpensive foam pipe insulation. Aside from that, take the time to have your pipes inspected if they are old or if there’s a chance tree roots or other factors may be weakening their surface.

If the pipes that feed your main water line or sewer line burst, you could have issues with flooding in your yard, home or neighboring properties. These problems are often hard to gauge, and you may not know until you are walking through a swamp in your backyard. Again, have them inspected periodically to ensure they are strong, and you should have to worry about it.

A burst pipe can cause all sorts of long-term problems in your home if it isn’t dealt with quickly. Call (504) 383-9751 in New Orleans and the surrounding area, and we will send someone out to assess the situation and provide a fast solution.

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