New Orleans Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom remodeling and renovation is an exciting way to add value to your home and bring it more in line with your own personal design taste. When you decide to renovate or remodel your bathroom, the realization of what has to happen to make it possible can get a little overwhelming. Using professionals for every part of the process is complex enough, but if you try to do it all by yourself it can create even more anxiety.

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Begin at the Beginning

For a full bathroom renovation, it’s a great idea just to start at the beginning with your thought process. Keep in mind, that if the plumbing isn’t in place and working properly, nothing else is going to matter because nothing will work. Starting from the ground up, having the pipe laid to correspond with the design layout is the most effective way to get the project going. Naturally, using a licensed, highly experienced plumber for this part is the way to go.

The way your piping will run in your new bathroom will also have a bearing on how your fixtures are installed. At Rooter 9-1-1, we do faucet, fixture and sink installation, so we can coordinate with your design team to make that happen, too.

A Tub or Shower to Suit Your Taste

In many new bathrooms, the shower or tub are the stars of the show, so it’s important that they are installed correctly. Once you have decided on your layout and the piping has been laid, the installation of a shower or tub will really bring the bathroom to life. Improper installation can lead to water leaks, burst pipes, mold growth and even structural damage to the surrounding floor and walls. Having the same company install your tub or shower and your pipes is the safest way to ensure everything is right.

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Professional Plumbing Is Key

A bathroom renovation is a major project, and if you don’t choose professional plumbers for at least the piping, you will probably regret it in the long run. Having all your pipes professionally installed can get costly, but not nearly as costly as having to go back in and tear up your new bathroom to fix a poor quality job.

When you’re ready to start that exciting new bathroom remodel in New Orleans, LA call (504) 383-9751 and we will co-ordinate our plumbing work with your renovation team to give you the best remodel possible.

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